Sustainability: The future of the food industry

Over the last few years, more and more players in the food industry have been trying to integrate sustainability into food production and processing. Doing this has meant more efficient supply chains and less negative environmental impact, but more importantly, it’s shown businesses moving in line with world leaders’ goals to feed a population that’s expected to balloon to 9 billion by 2050.

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According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there is enough food to feed each and everyone in the world right now. However, issues like a population that’s growing exponentially every year, environmental problems, and distribution inequity mean global hunger still exists, and it might even be a bigger problem in the future.

This is the reason people, both food industry insiders and consumers, are becoming more aware of the importance of sustainable practices.

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The National Resources Defense Council pointed out how much food is lost during the different steps of the supply chain process in a 2012 report . As a response to this, companies have adjusted their methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water, eliminate waste, and work with suppliers who espouse similarly sustainable practices.

It’s not just big food business that’s getting in on the act. Restaurants and even popular chefs like Jamie Oliver and Rick Bayless have been instrumental in creating awareness in sustainable practices by sourcing locally, offering incentives to environmentally-responsible farmers, and reducing waste. Furthermore, consumers are also becoming more proactive about buying from environmentally-conscious producers.

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While switching to sustainable practices might not be an immediately easy route for businesses, its long-term effects seem to be worth the effort for both the company, its consumers, and the world.

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