The juicy secrets to building effective global supply chains

Fancying chocolate-dipped strawberries? Wherever you are—in Italy, Turkey, or New York—you can give in and indulge in these and other succulent treats at any time of the day, thanks to Edible Arrangements. Satisfying the cravings of fruit and chocolate lovers around the world is a gargantuan task for the emerging company, but with clever strategies, the fruit bouquet company has made it possible.


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Resources published in Forbes and have unlocked the secrets to making supply chain management look easy even to startups that manufacture and sell perishable products, and these approaches are the same ones that back the success of multinational companies’ supply chain mechanisms. Three of them are among the following:

1. Source out materials locally.

By arbitraging a significant volume of raw and substitute materials within the regions where you do business, you gain a remarkable advantage in cost, supply security, and performance. Because materials are on hand, production goals will be met with ease, orders will arrive at a client’s doorsteps on time, and you can manage to cover production costs for a cheaper amount.

2. Rely on local consultants.

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Companies with international operations manage to pull it off with the help of local expertise. Well-versed in the ways of doing business in their turf, these experts help you choose the most reliable suppliers and contractors and build goodwill with them, devise efficient and cost-effective logistics strategies, and avoid local taxes and other surcharges from cutting through your bottom line.

3. Invest in a reliable IT infrastructure.

Further contributing to efficiency is a well-built data management system in place. A uniform database ensures consistency in functionality, while a management software allows you to simultaneously evaluate every step of the supply chain across all your operating hubs.

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Tom Wolters has rendered years of experience in managing the supply chain of ConAgra Foods, one of the biggest fast-moving consumer goods companies in the world. Follow this Twitter page for relevant financial information and insight.